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I attended a Vocal Technique workshop run by Micah Barnes ( this past Sunday. I learned sooo much. We started with a full body warm-up Micah calls The Hum Cycle. And when I say full body, there are STILL parts of my body sore from working my muscles. But it's a "You Did Your Body Good" kinda sore. The Hum Cycle helps keep your body completely relaxed, which definitely helps the voice. Micah graciously allowed us to videotape him going thru the various stages. Very glad I've been able to study & repeat it on the daily.

During a break, Micah gave me some extra tips. I was feeling very Nina from In The Heights, so I had to pull out some "Breathe" cuz..really it's fricking Lin Manuel Miranda. Duh!

Anyways, Micah quickly pinpointed some stuff I need to work on, not the least of which is the tightness of my tongue while I sing. It was especially apparent to me doing some exercises while lying on my back.

Next, we each got to take out a piece of music we're working on (Even though I ultimately chose "I'm Here "from Color Purple ", I almost went back to "Breathe". It took me until my turn to choose - and I was dead last.

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