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Today I had a one on one meeting with my director for A Streetcar Named Desire, Michela Sisti. It was absolutely amazeballs! The amount of ideas that she encouraged me to visualize and then expound upon was incredible. Her ability to sift thru the text and discover the inner workings of characters was inspiring. I'm bursting at the seams to explore the amount of subtext (not just of my own character, but in my relationships with the other characters) in rehearsals, which start on Monday.

Previously, I had been excited about doing A production of Streetcar, as it was a chance for me to perform an iconic play; one that every actor dreams of sinking their teeth into. Now, I'm excited to perform in THIS production of the play. I now know that, with Michela in the drivers seat, this is truly going to be a can't miss production. And I'm eternally grateful I'll be watching it unfold from the inside.

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