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DON'T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB (Hard to Say Goodbye)

When I began the journey of moving my passion for theatre from hobby to career a piece of advice I received, from a trusted friend who had made a wonderful career in the arts herself, was to not give up my day job. At first, it was a relatively easier piece of advice to adhere to. I loved my workplace. Been there 10+ years and had developed a group of workplace friends whom I cherished. Quirky personalities that made my working days happy.

There was The Mama, who kept all the pictures of, not just her own children but the children of the other parents in the office, around her desk, because she truly cared about our families and the triumphs our children achieved.

There was the Queen of the Administrative Assistants, who others may have thought was a ball-buster, but I knew would and did melt into goo when her nieces and nephews came to visit the office.

There was the President, who made us receptionists giggle watching him saunter into boardroom meetings and help himself to whatever catering was on display (and drag unsuspecting Directors into his shenanigans lmao)

There was the Director of HSA, who whizzed by my desk completing ten billion tasks at once, all with a huge smile. With whom I could share my love of theatre.

There was Financial CEO who put on the appearance of a stern taskmaster, but was in reality a complete teddy bear who gave me the best advice on my last day (I won't forget what you said, John S. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!)

And of course, my co-workers in crime. The other receptionists with whom I shared the front desk duties with, of whom there are 7!! (Unfortunately, the photo was taken while the last receptionist was on lunch so she isn't in the picture:( )

Georgia & her proteges (backup reception)

Over 10 years, these lovely ladies let their wings spread to other positions within the company. Without them, the front desk would have been severely lonely for me indeed.

And though I could have remained, and the door is still open to me, I know that in order to fully take advantage of the opportunities I have in front of me, my wings have to fly me beyond the doors of Plan.

I'm going to miss everyone so much, but I'm carrying the memories, the laughs and the love with me! (CB-P, I fully expect you to continue dancehall Friday's in my absence!)

So, though I do listen to every piece of advice I'm given, in this case, I kinda had to give up the day job. And it really is hard to say goodbye.

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