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I absolutely adored watching the TV show, Smash. I'm a musical theatre gal. A show about putting together a musical? Chalk full of broadway stars, catchy numbers, fabulous vocals and stunning choreography? Hells yeah. Don't bother me, I'm getting my TV fix.

Especially appealing was the idea of working on a new musical. Not a revival of an oldie (but goodie) but something never seen before.

A new musical. A new script. A new score

Working on a new musical is a dream I never knew I wanted until the opportunity to do one landed in my lap.

And I've been giddy ever since I was cast.

I can't even fully articulate how excited I am for tomorrow.


Tomorrow is the first rehearsal for 'The MisEducation of Man'.

Tomorrow I start. Originating a role in a new musical written by Kaygeni

Tomorrow I begin the process of developing a new character. Truly flying without a net

Tomorrow I meet the rest of the cast. Commence building the blueprint of this show

Tomorrow I meet the directorate. Meeting them as a team. One I know is going to make this process a journey to remember


Am I glad it's only a day away

The MisEducation of Man - show poster

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