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In this instant gratification era, where your audience demands posts, tweets, snaps, instagrams and all the other media feeds instantly, where does an artist find that balance that so many crave? Do they crave balance? How many actually crave constantly being ON? I am lucky i have wonderful friends who i can turn to for advice, lessons and information, in my pursuit of professional (i.e. paid!) creativity.

One piece of advice was to sign up for as many social media sites as possible. Facebook (which I already posted obsessively to), Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Googleplus, Youtube.

And post on all of them regularly.

And at the beginning, I faithfully posted pictures, memes, status updates, pictures etc. Because i had shows I was performing in, it was relatively easy to have things to comment on: 2 weeks to performance? Gotta remind my potential audience to buy tickets; New friends made during rehearsals? Gotta add them on Facebook, share any links that they found relevant. And so on. And so on. Until suddenly the shows are over. the performances are done. (For now). And I don’t have as much to post about.

Logic would say, you still gotta post. You still have to get your face/brand out there to the public so you’re not forgotten. But I’m a Libra. I need that balance of quiet. I need those moments of inactivity and silence to replenish my soul. I’m at my best when moments of crazy, busy, nonstop BEING, are balanced with silence and stillness.

Some might say laziness. And maybe it is. In small portion.

In the mad dash go, go, go of busy flurry there’s no time to think.

To imagine.

To create. (This is for me only).

I’ve never been one for idle chatter. In person, or online. I’ve always thought, it's better to only speak when you have something truly relevant to add to the discussion.

Otherwise, it’s just white noise.

There are others who are their most inspired while inside the chaos.

For me, it’s that eye of the storm. The calm in the midst of the chaos, where I find myself dreaming up that amazing vocal lic, or discovering that special motivation that takes my characters arc from just okay to amazing. That takes me from staring fixedly at a blank screen with it’s mocking blinking cursor, to a blog post about the joys of inactivity.

So if I don’t post every day, know that when I do post, it’ll be my creative best.

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